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To capture the magic, that elusive light, that warm yet vibrant color or an unusual form, are just some of the reasons why I keep clicking the shutter on my camera. I have been taking photos for a long time, but only for about the last five years that I am conscious of the actual creation process. Now, before I adjust my camera settings and compose the picture in the viewfinder, I ask myself " what is it that caught my eye here, and what am I really seeing that I want to capture and convey?"

I particularly enjoy photographing trees because they are proud, strong, intricate and wondrously colorful. When I travel, my camera is pointed at windows and doorways, as they whisper to me untold secrets. You can see some of them in my Travel Photos and Windows of the World galleries. Other times I am mesmerized by mountains, beaches, flowers, brilliant colors, and pastels, in short anything and everything that I find intriguing, thought provoking, and just simply beautiful.

Recently I started to enhance some of my photos on the computer. I found that by mixing the colors, the hues, the light, and applying some chosen filters, I am as close to being a painter as I ever could be. Here, I am only limited by my own imagination! Combining my two passions photography and computers -- is a dream come true. To view some of my photo enhancements and digital graphics work I invite you to visit my Graphics site.


Marin Photography Club
Royal Photographic Society
Photographic Society of America


Photographs Exhibited at:

Marin Art and Garden Center, San Anselmo, Ca,
December 1999

Indian Valley Art Center, Novato, Ca,
May 2001

Coastal Art League Gallery, Half Moon Bay, Ca,
December 2001